Book A Sales Appointment – 5 Easy Steps

So you want to book a sales appointment… it’s not as hard as you think.

There are 5 easy steps that you can follow when trying to book an appointment that will make sure that you get it every single time.

How To Book A Sales Appointment?

Step 1 – Introduction With Confidence

If you call and try to book an appointment, you probably here one of the following:

  • “I am too busy, please call me later”
  • “I just don’t have time right now”
  • “I’m not interested”
  • “I need to talk to my partner/wife/husband”

Now, we talked about how to get past a few of these objections already in our sales objections post. But to summarize, you just need to approach this with confidence.

The best way to get over these objectives is to introduce yourself with confidence (and a tick) so they don’t have time to say any of the objections above.

For example you can say, “Hi, this is Bob calling from XYZ company. I know I must’ve caught you in a bad time but I wanted to check in to see what is a best time to call you. I been speaking to (name one of their competitors) in your area and I was able to help them out so I just wanted to see if I can do the same for you.”

This way, you will not hear one of those objections.

Step 2 – Give Facts (With Numbers)

Anyone you call is going to want to see if you can prove what you actually claim.

Of course, most of your proving will happen during your sales meeting but you need to give them some type of fact so that you can book this appointment.

It’s not that hard.

If your company has increase sales of your clients by 20% then state that during your call.

“We have worked with may companies like yours and we have been able to improve their sales by 20%. So (their name), what would 20% increase in sales mean for you? Can I book the appointment now?”

Step 3 – Ask questions

If they don’t want to book the appointment. Ask questions.

“Why don’t you want to book the appointment”

If they sound like they are not sure, ask more questions.

These question need to be formatted in a way that it convinces them that booking the appointment with you is the best thing to do for their business.

“So let me get this right, you can’t handle a 10% or even a 20% increase in sales right now?”

“Am I hearing this right, an extra $5,000 each month is really not worth it for you?”

Step 4 – Give them the date and time

Most salesmen will ask for what date and time works for the lead. But this is worth way to get the appointment.

If you ask for the data and time, they are going to give you a random data and time that they will not remember. (This means they will not show up to your meeting)

In order to book the appointment, you should give them the data and time.

“So can I book you in for Wednesday at 2 PM?”

“Would Thursday at 11 AM work best for you?”

This will force them to look at their calendar and even if the date and time that you gave them might not work, now they will give you a date and time that they will actually remember cause they looked at their calendar.

Step 5 – Send Calendar Invite

If you want to be an EvilSalesman, you have to do thing that are beyond what normal salesman do.

A normal salesman would send them a email with the appointment. But to make sure the appointment you got is booked, send them a calendar invite.

This way the appointment shows on their calendar even if they do not accept it (also guarantees that they will not forget the appointment with you)

These are 5 steps in order to book a sales appointment correctly.

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