Lead Generation With Quora

If you ever used Yahoo answers before, Quora is pretty much the same thing. Now doing lead generation with Quora is a goldmine.

On Quora, people ask questions and other people (or experts) answer these questions.

You have probably already heard that content is key. But as a salesperson, you don’t really have time to be writing blog posts or making YouTube videos. Quora helps solve that problem.

If you search for a response to a question on Google, it is likely that there will be a Quora answer on the top fold. This could be you.

Throughout the years, I have used Quora to help myself and my companies generate thousand and thousand of leads by simply answering questions.

How To Generate Leads With Quora?

You can just go on Quora right now and start answering questions and expect to wake up tomorrow with thousands of leads. It takes time and takes the right way to answer these questions in order to turn those readers into leads.

Remember, lead generation with Quora is one of the ways you can generate leads. But there are many more ways to generate leads that you should implement to your sales cycle as well.

Step #1 – Open A Quora Account

This is pretty simple and self-exploratory. You need to have a Quora account before you can start answering questions.

Step #2 – Create Your Profile

The first (real) thing that you need to do, is to create your profile and to add all of your bragging points on your profile.

You can see, in my profile, I have links to everything. My free course, LinkedIn page, Instagram, other content, etc. You want to show off everything you have done and what makes you an expert.

Step #3 – Search For Questions

Now, you need to go to the top search bar. You should then search for your topic or find questions that your ideal customers would have.

For example, when I trying to do lead generation for my company Podmio, I was searching for podcast questions and answering those.

Answering Questions On Quora For Lead Generation

Step #4 – Answer Questions

Next and final step is to answer questions.

The goal is to provide value. If you do that, these people reading your answer will turn into your leads.

Here are suggestions for your answer that will allow you to get more views/upvotes and make it go to top:

  • Respond with a LONG answer, a short answer will not work.
  • Add as many images/videos as possible.
  • Have a friend or create a second Quora account and upvote yourself. This will elevate you to the top faster (yes, I will give you mobster-style suggestions).
  • Write a question and post it from another account. You should then answer it.

Bonus: Quora Ads

Many people don’t realize that Quora also has an ads platform. Quora is actually inexpensive to run ads. They are very targeted, because people reading the questions/answers are already interested in that topic.

Go to https://www.quora.com/business and register. There is nothing special to be done. You should make sure to run ads, for as little as $2 a day. You will see guaranteed results.

What’s Next?

You need to follow the above steps. After that, keep doing step 3 and 4 over and over and over again.

You need to answer as many questions as you can. It is very easy to get to 1,000+ views on your answer on Quora (especially if you follow the suggestions that I outline here for you when answering questions).

Before you know it, you will be getting thousand and thousands of new leads.

Also, remember that these answers will forever live on Quora and people will keep seeing these answers forever.