20 Unique Ways To Generate Leads

One of the most crucial part of any business is have the ability to generate leads. Without having leads, you business will not survive.

Now, if you have been search the web for “how to generate leads” and have seen answers like do cold calling, create a landing page, send post cards in the mail, etc. which is all great. But they can be a little old school and take up a lot of your time.

I am going to show you 20 (unique & new) ways to generate leads for any type of business.

How To Generate Leads?

Some of these ways might seem a little old or different but keep you mind open and I will walk you through how to use some of the tools and websites correctly to turn them into lead generating machines.

#1 – Quora

If you have every used Yahoo Answers before, Quora is very similar to that. But it is a thousand times better.

When you are trying to get answers to your questions, you probably do a quick Google search. Most of the answer or links that pop up on the top of the search results are Quora questions and answers. This means Quora has high search engine optimization (SEO or getting found on the first page of Google) which mean it is a huge lead generating magnet.

So how do you generate leads on Quora?

What you need to do is go on Quora first and search for topic or question related to your business.

For example for a fitness business, you might want to search questions like “how to lose weight” or “how to loss belly fat” or “how to bulk up fast.”

When you find these questions, you need to provide your answer to them. The goal here is to provide them with value and not just promote your business. If you provide value, they will come to you.

Few things to keep in mind when answer Quora questions to get the best possible results (upvotes):

  • Respond to questions with LONG answer, short answers will not work
  • Add as many image or video to your answer as possible
  • Have bullet point or steps to follow in your answers
  • Write answers as if you are responding to one person

Make sure you also fix up your Quora profile with all the links to your LinkedIn, website, blogs, products, etc. so people know where to find you. (see picture of my profile below)

How to generate leads using Quora

#2 – Indeed.com

Now, you might be thinking “Indeed is a place where you go to look for jobs” and you are correct but if you think outside of the box and get a little creative, you will find HOT leads here.

For example, let’s say that you want to sell a cold calling course. You would go on Indeed and post a job for cold calling. Within a few hours, you will get hundred of application.

Use Indeed.com to generate leads for your business

On the application, it will include their email address and phone number.

You can export this via a CSV file and import them into your email marketing or SMS marketing tools and send everyone a mass email or SMS (with SMS you can reach their phone instantly)

You tell them that you are reaching out to see if